Animation Project
A lot of children that go to Springfield school are new to Sheffield. They each had lots of interesting stories to tell about how they got here from other countries, so they decided to make an animation to tell their stories of how they arrived!




If you would like to see the animation click here!


What is animation?
Animation is when lots of still pictures are put together really fast so it looks like they are moving. Examples of animation you might have seen on TV are Potman Pat, Wallace and Gromit and Creature Comforts


This is us making our animation...
We are all talking about how we arrived in Sheffield. We are writing and drawing about our experiences!
We started to set the scenes for the animation! This is the sea...
...and this is land where we started.
We decided that on a journey to Sheffield we saw a UFO and met aliens!
This is another scene!
This is the aeroplane some of us travelled on!
We are starting to take some pictures of the characters we made!
This is us taking some photos of the sea!


Have a go at your own animation!
- Set up a scene with some objects in it
- Position a camera and take a photo of your scene
- Move the objects in the scene just a very little bit
- Leaving the camera in exactly the same place, take another photo (make sure you have moved your hands after moving the objects - you don’t want your hand to be in the picture!)
- Keep moving the objects very slightly and take a photo each time
- When you play the photos back fast on your camera it will look like the objects are moving!!!!