"I like the presentation of the site, i would like a quiz on the website" Joshua Gleadless Primary School Age 9

We are pleased you like the site! We have got two quizzes on the website check out these links...

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"Teenagers in the Hollinsend park at night are causing problems drinking and just leaving the cans on the ground. The children who attend the park the next morning have to see all the empty bottles and empty cans. I think there should be police officers attending the park at night to move the teenagers on"

We spoke to Woodseats Police and their Safer Neighbourhood Team for you about what you said and this is what they said...


Inspector Booth "We regularly visit the park and often interact with young people.
If we find young people with alcohol we take it off them and then follow this up with home visits and letters!"

PC Lockwood "We already know about the problems in the park and we have been working with Hollinsend Friends of the Park and the Bowling green members. We have delivered a letter to people living in the area to ask them when the problem is happening. We have increased the number of PCSOs ([Police Community Support Officers) in the area and youths have been seen and moved on.

There is a section 30 dispersal order in force across the area that means the police can separate groups that are or maybe acting anti-socially. After 9pm teenagers under 16 who are not with a sensible adult are taken home.

I shall make our team aware of the continuing problems"



"I don't like people who bully"



"It's a great website"