The Communi-crate was originally designed for use in Social Care teams in Sheffield as a collection of creative tools and techniques used for discovering the thoughts, wishes and feelings of children and young people. We included tonnes of different resources such as; craft equipment, role playing props, targeted play sheets, fidget toys, games and books, all aimed at being used in a versatile and creative way to allow all children the chance to communicate with their workers effectively.

We are unable to build crates for you at the moment sadly, but a copy of the full contents can be found here. The full range of play sheets and printable resources can be found below.

Using the resources in the Communi-crate

The video below shows you just some of the ways we use the contents of the Communi-crate to talk to children...

Play sheets

Print these off to use with the children and young people you work with. All of our resources are designed in house, if you can't see what you need or if you have an idea for a new tool, please email us and we can help you design it.